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Monday, July 22, 2013

Proxy Nights, Misty Lights

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Finding Solace in the Dancer's Wayward Steps,
Yet the Heart Swells, Enveloping the Summer Night;
Weathered Memories Hushed into Classic Cigarette Trails
& Forlorn Forecasts Condensed into a Single Chalice...
...May the Future Be Kind To Us.

Hello again.

We have a new album out. It's a bit shorter, but hopefully more indulgent.

Expanding on last album's concept, this one features a different perspective, let us say a more seductive, pubescent narrative on things.

About the allure of late night consorts, the beauty of anarchy, the desire of contraband & the anticipation of independence.

This is our "nobody understands me" primer, our sudden proclamation to our own genius, maybe even the cliff notes for our midlife crisis entrees.

Before the cynic gets born again, and the shame trigger stands guard.

Musically, the tables have slightly turned, with the electronics providing the backdrop for the lone cracking teen voice of the guitars.

Enjoy this selfish treat!

1 comment:

  1. Hi guys,

    This album is great! Probably my favorite of yours so far. I love how you didn't include any spoken word samples this time around. Please keep it up - those things are truly dreadful and annoying and hopelessly ruin about half of your discography for me. Otherwise, keep up the great job!:)