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Monday, May 27, 2013

The Last Strands of Fortitude

Been a while, hasn't it?

When I was a kid, my family used to go to the beach every weekend or so, and the trips left a strong imprint on me. It used to get late, near midnight, and I would be extremely sleepy; In a daze, slumped on a car seat, I used to listen to the local radio, playing whatever music.

Whatever music because I was sleepy, and too content to care. The strong salty breeze and the car radio occasionally crackling, the song playing in the back while the family talked about inconsequential matters.

One of the first things I realized about the music was, I loved it when I could barely focus on it. It lost the charm when I tried to wake and nitpick, yet I was hearing a lot more when I was lost in it.

The crackling radio. sea breeze. animated conversations. they transformed the music. Made it louder than it could ever be, yet always out of reach.

I will never lose that moment from my memory, because I have yearned for those. So much so that it's a personal legend. Yet I make the mistake of trying to recreate those in our new music, that complete self-indulgence.

Maybe because those nights were the most relaxing ever. And I want to share that, because right now a lot of people need to relax.

No grandeur, no promises, no tragedies or disasters. Just temperance, and always out of reach.


Tracklist & Duration: 

1.We Need More Iodex, Mother Harlot 04:08
2.Do the Trepidation Shake! 04:33
3.They Wouldn't Let Me 06:25
4.So, How is the Violence Today? 08:48
5.The Air of Drunkenness is Floating in the Dusk 08:34
6.I Am Listening, But Not Listening 09:49
7.Not Yet Lost The Sense of Time 04:00
8.Black Market Ascension 09:47
9.Just 5(365) + 90 More Loops... 05:45
10.Well OK Then 06:09
11.A Strange Sense in Randomness 04:44
12.Atropos & Loathing 05:28

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