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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Music Observatory and Rakas-ism

So, here we are, officially one year old as a band! And what better way to celebrate than let our music run rampant and make a bizarre, experimental album?

[click cover to download the songs] 

So, our sixth full length album (it's getting ridiculous isn't it?). However, as can be seen on the front cover, this is a collaboration piece. 

For Music Observatory we wanted to do something different, something completely out of our post-rocky comfort zone, because people would have had enough of that music from us by now. So we reached out to friends to make songs with them, learning from their music styles.

Rakas (the electronic moniker of the amazing Asadullah Qureshi also in Myosis/Aus Rine) ended up sticking and making the whole album with us, a remarkable feat considering our impatient style of making music.

Credit also goes to the wildly creative Taha Badar of Air Liner and the culturally diverse The Eternal Twilight (an ambient/post rock group that frankly doesn't even need to be introduced) for dropping by and helping us out on a couple of tracks. 

What turned out is quite different. While we cannot say this album is ambient or post-rock (or drone, our usual genres), we think it has a certain degree of accessibility that may draw you in, especially if you enjoy being surprised and intrigued. Think relatively fast, short and sufficient tracks, enough to occupy but not overburden. Plus, this album may be our most enjoyable composing experience yet, and we hope it shows!

We had asked a listener (and fan ^_^ ) of ours to give it a first impression feedback so that it is easy for you guys/girls to know how the album is before you start on it. No cheap gimmick involved here, we were a bit apprehensive on the sudden shift in music gears and needed outside assessment (and it was quite positive so of course we wanted to put it here).

However, we would like to thank all of you for supporting us. A year ago we weren't even thinking of releasing our stuff to the public, but the response has been amazing. And there is a whole world of music to discover and play so things are just getting started!


01 Connection
02 Starstuff
03 Advertisements
04 Falter (feat. The Eternal Twilight)
05 Neon
06 Ecstasy
07 Propagate
08 Viridian
09 Dinkywinkydoo
10 Perfidy
11 Daft Blues
12 Isthmus
13 Mileaminute
14 Retrospect
15 Sulphur (feat. Air Liner)



On 6LA8 & Rakas' new album Music Observatory we get all the things I’ve come to love about both projects (6LA8 has kept my interest for about a year now and Rakas I was just recently introduced to) and a little bit more and by more I mean even more experimentation and layering of sounds which creates a very dense and inspired listen. Here’s a track-by-track breakdown:

“Connection” opens the album with gentle ambient tones that eventually turn into a trip-hoppy track of goodness that is a brilliant opening. 

“Starstuff” is a flashback of 6LA8s gentle side of post-rock sound they achieved on their first record with perhaps a bit more texture which makes it all the better. A gentle interlude that braces for the track to come.

“Advertisements” is an eerie track with an electronica feel that really keeps the listeners ears perked through the whole track. In all honesty, it gets abrasively wonderful at times.

“Falter” is another track that starts off with a beautiful ambient feel but this time turns into a track reminiscent of some of This Is Not A Conceptual Albums pieces. Which, I might add, is a very good thing.

“Neon” is an aptly titled song as at times it gives the feel of bright neon signs reflecting off rainwater in a street. Or at least that’s the feel I get. It’s a very surreal track.

“Ecstasy” maintains this mood but has a little bit different flavor to it, quite possibly due to the different texture the listener can sense in the background. A track also very aptly named, it gives a feeling of true ecstasy.

“Propagate” is a very droney track which is always welcome in my book. It almost serves as a moment of reflection for the listener, makes them think about what they’re hearing. It picks up pace, which is another welcome moment, and closes beautifully leaving the listener particularly satisfied with this track.

“Virdian” goes back to the ambient post-rock atmosphere but has a really indefinable (this project, in a nutshell) quality to it. Worth taking a second listen.

“Dinkywinkydoo” brings me to one of my favorite parts of the albums these guys release, the sound clips from various sources. Put to the electronic/ambient music it is paired with creates some of the coolest musical effects ever and the band thrives on this.

“Perfidy” is an energetic little piece recalling the atmosphere of “Ecstasy” and perhaps giving the mood a little more.

“Daft Blues” is basically what it says. It sounds like Daft Punk doing the blues. A very interesting combination to say the least but it is a thoroughly entertaining track.

“Isthmus” is a strange little mood shift from the previous track, this one full of more angst than “Daft Blues” while still keeping many of its qualities. A good pair of tracks to say the least.

“Mileaminute” is an upbeat and actually infectiously catchy tune that is an oddity of the album. It’s childlike at times but always retains the amount of darkness the rest of the album has. A fun little interlude as the album starts winding to it’s close.

“Retrospect” comes in seamlessly after “Mileaminute” but takes the childlike qualities and beats them with a drumstick. A very effective track after the fact that takes the mind places even further away from the land where the rest of the album takes you.

The final track, “Sulphur” has a particularly ominous tone from the very start, you can tell it’s going to be an epic ending to an epic album. The track gains a ton of dronebient momentum before it winds to a slow and sudden halt which leaves the listener quite breathless. Bells to the fin, a perfect end.

All-in-all, an entertaining collaboration between two very interesting bands. Worthy of anyones attention and definitely will grip that attention tightly. A well done effort.


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