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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

In the Land of Dreams

We have a new album!!

(streaming link) (click pic to [free] download. You know it will be different because it's blue)

Most of our albums have an overarching vague concept around them, that somehow makes sense but only because we mentioned it. The same applies here, but we hope it resonates a bit more now because of the hazy music.

There are some incidents in life which impact you, powerfully. They shatter you, and you realize that something that seemed so inconsequential to you at one time could have such a devastating outcome in your own life, and it feels like you have been cheated.

And you feel like you just want to get away from it, as if distracting yourself could help you with the condition you are in. You turn your focus to other things in life, maybe hobbies like reading, writing, making music, actively participating in groups or socializing. Or, if things get real bad, praying.

But it just creeps in, in every thought you're thinking. In every conversation you're having.

"In the Land of Dreams" attempts to portray that blanket of comfort and false consolations that we have, the denial and distractions that we can maintain, which keeps us sane for the most part. There are occasional glimpses of 'What the fuck am I doing?', the fact that time is running out and you should do something useful, but instead only the feeling of helplessness and worthlessness settle in.

It is a Long (nearly 2 hours), simple and vague album, hidden behind dialogues on various tiring topics.  It has music that has no energy left on its own, but is soft enough to dissolve in your head and swim in the puddle (or chasm) of thoughts that you may have, if you let it. But to a distracted mind, ironically, it is mere elevator music.

Genre: Ambient, Electronic, Progressive, Post Rock, Experimental, Drone
Running Time: 1hour 48min.


01 Frozen in the Dolls House
02 Distressing Peaks in the Moral Landscape (featuring Asadullah Qureshi)
03 Too Curious to let Nostalgia through
04 [Part 1] Born into a Mistake, Raised Divine
05 [Part 2] Whisper Me Thoughts That Live Long
06 [Part 3] My Heart Feels like a Spicy Fondue
07 Don't Hate Me for Hiring the Clowns
08 Mellow Creativity
09 "Eighteen Songs of a Nomad Flute"
10 But Really, It's All a Conspiracy
11 "Her Braid Lashing At Him With Contempt"
12 "When Man Sits Down in Dust"
13 Drowning in a Clumsy Fashion
14 [Part 4] Nearer to My Lord When the Bombs Fall
15 [Part 5] Optimism and its Unlikeliness
16 The Part Where Credits Roll and You Remember you had Legs


  • Frozen in the Doll's House references A Doll's House, a play controversial for its time for its stance on marriage and civil rights.
  • Distressing Peaks in the Moral Landscape: Asadullah Qureshi, for bearing with our ridiculously impatient requests and doing the drums for the song. The Moral Landscape refers to an idea proposed by Sam Harris, a neuroscientist and noted atheist and religion critic
  • My Heart Feels Like A Spicy Fondue & Don't Hate Me for Hiring the Clowns: Track names recommended by The Truth
  • Mellow Creativity refers to our band managers interesting blog
  • "Eighteen Songs of a Nomad Flute": Based on the traditional chinese poem based on the same name, and has the traditional 'Nomad flute' sampled in it.
  • "Her Braid Lashing at Him with Contempt": Quote from the enchanting video game "Braid", allusions to a princess,  and the nuclear bomb.
  • "When Man Sits Down in Dust": Based on the poem of the same name by pushto poet Ghani Khan, recited by Usman Khan (Translation)
  • The hymn Nearer My God To Thee is sung in [Part 4] Nearer to My Lord When the Bombs Fall

All other samples used in the songs are either public domain or CC-ShareAlike.


  1. I loved this album. Beautifully made. Though really long, I listened to it in one go. It's amazing! Currently this is what I play in my car.

  2. Thank you!
    Yeah, this and 'The Drone Collective' are really personal in a way. Like when you're in a bad mood and just want to get whisked away into a different world, for as long as possible without breaking the dream. This album is much more comforting though.
    Really glad that you enjoyed it :D