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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Stereotypes of Tomorrow, Minimal Wanderings and more...

So, here be our new album!

 "The Stereotypes of Tomorrow" is just the idea of us living up to our stereotyped selves, to a possibly alarming extent.

Everything we had wished for in the past is slowly coming to fruition. And so we make less effort to imagine or exercise our imagination. For example, if we can make amazing ambiance using synths and effect pedals, why the need to bother with intensive chords and manual amp placements? Or if there are dozens of intensive chords, why bother fiddling with the guitar to make your own melodies?

Or if you have an amazing camera that shoots everything in vivid colour and detail, why bother thinking up elaborate perspectives or shadow settings for it when you can just take a picture of a flower on the table and apparently fascinate people?

Are we being guided to such a degree that we are losing the capacity to think wildly anymore?

With ease comes this sort of soulless, processed feel, that there might be an extent when there would not even be a need to imagine or think extensively anymore, as artificial intelligence would have guided us and covered most of our bases.

Finally, is there any point worrying about it or ultimately are we just stereotyping the future as a creatively-dead dystopia, where standards have been set so high that lower alternatives can never be appreciated anymore? IS there actually nothing to fret about after all?

Musically, this album delves into post-rock, electronic nostalgia. Joined by the amazing artists Alien Panda Jury, LussunTV (Mega Productions), MMI and Third World Productions we attempt to celebrate the old rusty feel of things, to make it sound as what you are hearing is vulnerable, human, and can definitely be composed and explored by anyone should they be curious and willing enough. However, this is being achieved by using the exact processed, soul-less things we talked about. Will it matter? Up to you.

Running Time: 1 hour 44 minutes


01 Old Cassettes
02 Karachi Nights [Mix A] (with LussunTV and Third World Productions)
03 A Humble Man's Memoirs
04 Coffee Break (with MMI)
05 Dance to Forget
06 Morphine Candy, Anyone?
07 We're Floating...not Swimming (with Alien Panda Jury)
08 Eroded Signals
09 For What It's Worth
10 Specific Spectacles [Mix B]


There are too many samples to link from here, but rest be assured they are under Public Domain or Sampling Licenses, most found from or If really interested, just comment here with your email and we will let you know ^_^

"For What It's Worth" is named after the following blog by our friend Arham Tausif. There is something alluring about the blog that is hard to describe, which we feel is a similarity between us.

You might also want to check this out. Really.

"An Honest Man's Memoirs" and "Specific Spectacles" have been recommended by our friend The Truth.

Also, thanks to everyone who collaborated with us, by featuring in our tracks or giving us some reviews or advice.


But wait! There is MORE.

What's this? Another album?!

Sort of. This is a studio session album with the fore-mentioned MMI. However, this is not a concept studio album that we usually do, but an improvised, mellow ambient venture by both of us. Having 4 tracks but a running time of 2 hours 10 minutes, we do not expect anyone to listen to these pieces as they would normal tracks.

The music here progresses slowly and unobtrusively with a few bumps along the road, but trust us when we say it is definitely one of our best pieces (it wouldn't be posted here otherwise). Feel free to put this on a lazy day, or when you're working and need some sort of background distraction. 

Hopefully there will be more of these sessions in the future, we will be posting them up!


And. just one more thing. A couple of weeks ago RibsOUT, an awesome blog that wholly supports independent artists, just released an awesome, awesome compilation having loads of genres and great bands, And also features an exclusive song from us. Just click on the cover below to get transported ^_^

If you need a bit more convincing on our behalf, here is a teaser of our track:

That is it everyone! Thank you for reading our lengthy post, and Happy Holidays! See you all next year!

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