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Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Drone Collective

Surprise! New album!

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Consider this album as a darker, elder sibling to This Is Not A Conceptual Album. Both of these albums were being made at the same time, and we did not want to release these songs together because of their completely different mood style. 

The Drone Collective is a gloomier, milder album than TINACA, less varying and having longer songs. The songs reflect the blues we often have, when you just want to sit in introspection and drown in contemplation and longing, and just cannot (or would not) put your thoughts in words. No concept as such, but we dabble in some wordplay here and there...

Genre: Drone, Ambient, Post Rock
Running Time: 60minutes


01 Our Undivided Attention to Matters of Divine Importance
02 [Part 1] Gone in a Heartbeat, Panic All you Like
03 Sir, I Had No Need For That Hypothesis
04 Where Are You? I'm Trying to Give Up Ghosts
05 [Part 2] We Would Still Need Reason In Heaven
06 Those Are My Bombs You're Talking About!
07 Burrowing Down to the Rabbithole, just Legally
08 Perched on Swinging Cliffs and Trying Not to Look Down
09 Everybody is a Paragon, What Could Possibly Go Wrong?
10 [Part 3] You Do Know you Could've Been Deleted. 


  1. You guys are crazy. Ditch the instruments and the recording consoles, go read a book or something! Take a break!

  2. Haha. We don't sit for hours making this stuff, we just do it when we feel like it. Think of it as diary entries.

    This Is our break!