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Sunday, July 10, 2011

This Is Not A Conceptual Album, and more...

Here you go guys, our third album!

6LA8 - This Is Not A Conceptual Album

[click image to download]

Three albums! And mind you, this one is approximately one and a half hour long, more than what you can fit in an audio CD.

GENRE: Experimental, Drone, Ambient, Post Rock

TRACKLIST. [Yes, first letter caps, we roll like that]
01 Prayers Cannot Amend Generations of Neglect
02 Helpless Enough to Write Impassioned Blogs About It
03 Our Dog Eat Dog World of Heroic News Reporting
04 If the Rising Sun Had Any Words To Say
05 Here Is A Jacket. You Know What To Do.
06 We Wish It Never Happened
07 Japan/Sleeping People Can’t Fall Down
08 Murshid, Marwa Na Dena
09 Teach A Man To Vote And You’ll Never See Him Again
10 If Words Were Swords We Would Be Fucking Ninjas
11 There is Always a Way Out, Try Avoiding It.

 It's pretty obvious from the title that there is no concept to it (or is it?), unlike the optimistic narration of the first album and depressing commentary in the second, but it runs pretty smoothly and the general preview of it is favourable so hopefully you will enjoy it as well.  Thanks for the listens everybody!

Special thanks to Asadullah Qureshi (Myosis). And Shumaila Hashmi.

On to the 'more' stuff: It's pretty awesome how our music is changing as we make the albums. Learning new ways to experiment, mix, getting to know other musicians and their music and learning from it. We also post our playlists of what we are listening to at a different blog, if anyone is interested. 

Also, I recently had a conversation about art with a fellow blogger Karachikhatmal (, on his blog about 'why truck art is cool'. Of course, music is a form of art as well, so we were discussing that. I can reiterate the whole discussion here but it's better to read the blog and the comments, its very well written.

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