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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Ambient/Post-Rock Music Compilation For Japan Relief

Since March 9,2011 there have been 4 deadly earthquakes and a tsunami in Japan. More than 25000 people are reported missing, with 15k confirmed dead. We're not in Japan and this affects probably none of us, but just think for a moment if we were. 

Imagine your house destroyed and washing down, your family being swallowed by 33 foot waves from the tsunami, and the ground splitting open wherever you run. If you managed to think all that there is also a risk of radioactive emissions reaching you at any  possible time.

This isn't asking much. More than 30 artists have spent their time and energy making music for everybody's enjoyment and ALL proceeds from the compilation go to Japan's relief fund. We're no ultra humanitarians and are far from pretending to be, but if some of your money can help one of those who you were only imagining to be, consider yourself a life saver. To thank you for that, hours of awesome music awaits. 

The compilation is releasing tomorrow (Sunday). All details on the following links. Samples of every song below. Please consider buying it.

Part 1

1. Our Ceasing Voice - Our Ceasing Voice - The Only Ones Dead (Are Those Who Are Forgotten)
2. Collapse Under The Empire - The Silent Death
3. the Picturesque episode - Tokyo Pulse
4. Sey Hollo - Eighty Percent
5. ...With a Sword on a Horse - The Sail Blows Windward (Remix)
6. The Jakesperiment - Duke getar, Skala ombak, akan sembuh tersapu alam
7. Asfandyar Khan - About Her
8. Circadian Eyes - A Careful Hope
9. The Tumbled Sea - Jill(Part I)
10. Takahiro Kido - Heavy Smoker's Forest
11. Infinite Third - Genshukuna (Solemn)

Part 2

12. 6LA8 - Sleeping People Can't Fall Down
13. evolv - Alluring
14. Taiga Blues - Neuanfang
15. Armand Tanzarian - 浪漫的一夜情
16. a slow in dance - 6.12
17. We Are Pioneers - Now That We're Alone
18. We - (We) Will Reunite Again One Day
19. The Echelon Effect - 七転び八起き (Fall Seven Times, Stand Up Eight)
20.The Sound Of Rescue - Take Heart
21. My Cats A Stargazer - Solace
22. Matt Stevens & Kevin Feazy - Talker
23. Ben Woods - Gone
24. The Veldt - This Rain

Part 3

 Hope For Japan (Compilation for Japan fundrelief) Sampler Part III by noor789 

25. endote - Oldham
26. Good Weather For An Airstrike - Echoes
27. Arafúra - Lost Among the Lost (in Japan)
28. The Eternal Twilight (feat. Christian Erfurt) - Fading Into This Air...
29. Startle The Heavens - Picking Up the Pieces
30. Karl Verkade - Lullabye for the Lost
31. Lowercase Noises - Migratory Patterns
32. Bob Guido - Mooregate
33. Slow Dancing Society - Prange
34. Nobuto Suda - Bunch of Harmony
35. The Living Sleep - We Were Infinite
36. Tundra Lights - Four Nights Under The Lights


  1. These days Kiyoshiro Imawano are going viral in Japan due to their anti-nuclear songs. Nice list you've got here. Will have to check!

  2. I hadn't heard of him before, but will do now. Please check. Also, if you're interested, we do this sorta thing at