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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Listening and stuff


I just have this urge to write about music I'm listening to nowadays. I can't be hippie enough to say they are spiritual and heal you up, but they do break or make a mood. Following are some of the songs me and my friends have been listening to. Everybody is welcome to share their songs here, in comments of their own blogs.


Mine goes in order of liking, (as of now). I may sound like a prude at times but bear with me, I am like a fangirl to this stuff.

15. Gerry Mulligan - Bernie's Tunes
 Early Jazz. It's just awesome. I love how much soul these songs have, and by soul I mean the groove. This song just speaks of fun, reminiscent of cartoon chases and what  not . They have a thousand versions of this song online, different covers and all. they're all awesome.

14. The Strokes - Under cover of Darkness
The Strokes is a darling for both critics and the mainstream, and the snobbish indie me says 'no they suck'. But the song is just terrific; the strange twanginess of the dual guitars in the starting and the later half is just cooool, like they are only a tiny bit away from ruining the whole track. It has the upbeat feeling and is a good uplifting track for times of moodiness.

13. //orangenoise - I Know Everything [or just //veracious]
Personally I think this is the best music I've heard coming out from any underground stuff. I can just put their whole album up here as it's a short yet powerful trip. Think it's like an unholy take on Tool & QOTSA [Rabblerouser], APC [Trust] to Radiohead to Pink Floyd to The Cure to what not....and I dunno, a lot of bands I love. The ideal mix that totally comes out on its own. I blame my ignorance for not going to see these guys live when I had the chance. I choose this song cause it's the longest.

12. CocoRosie - R.I.P. Burn Face
These two are absolutely eccentric. Its like the next step from Massive Attack, atleast for me. I didn't like them much on the first listen, cause one girl sounds like an overeager throaty kid and the other an airy ballerina. however, this deserved more listens, and this is good. Ironically I find the crude vocals more honest than the airy ones, maybe I think too much. This song doesn't have the crude ones , but it gives a fuller experience of their unorthodox style.

The band is called MAXIMUM THE HORMONE. What can you expect?
As you can see I discovered this while watching death note (which is amazing). Straight up metal which just tells you why people are attracted to the genre. Very anthemish, it has maximum power, the drums are exploding, the build up is excellent and the climax just blows my mind. It's kinda like slipknot with more MAXIMUM HORMONE. If u need to get off your laziness I would recommend this.

10. The Ascent of Everest - A Threnody (For the Victims of November Second)
I gotta confirm this with Omer but I think this is a side project of the GY!BE guy. Therefore, the epicness of the song is guaranteed. I'm jealous with the speeches these guys find, it just speaks doom and misery like nothing else out there. The screeching guitars that make the ambience are outstanding (I'm running out of words now) and, just listen to it. Patiently.

9. Justice - DVNO
I am a sucker for French house music, and this is one of the best. The cheesy vocal samples are awesome, the bass guitar is filling and this song never fails to get me happy whenever I feel to contemplating. Just have fun with it. Ideal club/party music, though I hate clubs/parties.

8. Fripp & Eno - The Heavenly Music Corporation Part 1
Eno starts off. Eno is The Man with ambience. Slow, overwhelming, progressing ever so soundly. Then comes frippertonics, the guitarist who has inspired me the most of. Fripps style is just so unique. Its like a warm tape looping again and again and again. And the notes he plays are unthought of; they're usually avoided for the sake of song structure, but this guy doesnt have any regard of that. Or maybe I'm too much of a noob to think about Fripps guitaring. They are two gods of experimental music, what can you expect?

7. 65daysofstatic - Retreat! Retreat!, T D
I've listened to my own playlist about 20 times now :/ The energy in this song just speaks for itself. IT feels like you're on top of the world on the most ideal day and having the best time of your life; a GRAND song. Electronic dnb adm disco post-rock [dont hurt me], who would have thought of it? Very skilled, very in tune with each other, and probably the greatest inspiration for 6LA8 from my half.

6. David Gilmour - Red Sky at Night
Probably the most played background music of all time in soap operas and cheesy love scenes, but this does not make it any less beautiful. Very seductive. This guy plays piano, guitars, vocals, bass, synthesiser and friggin saxophones.Pink Floyd is my top band of all time, and Rogers rhythm, Rick's ambience, Nick's powerful drumming could not stand alone without this guys melodic, ear trained guitaring. Truly progressive.

5. Hirasawa Susumu - Nigeru Mono
Omer introduced me to Paprika, a gem of a thriller movie [it inspired Inception according to the producer I think]. This soundtrack is no less awesome than it, having the whole flavour of the film in only a few minutes..Doing symphonies with electronics does this. Of course, you need to be Hirasawa Susumu as well. RIP.

4. Colleen - Golden Morning Breaks
Now we're getting serious. I love this, and I don't want to describe it. Most of the top songs just need to be listened. One thing to note, this changed my views about having rigid time signatures and just going out on the open with the feelings. (The fan video is admirable too, the glitches are on purpose I believe).

3. Jakob - Malachite
Omer's recommendation. Didn't give much heed to them, but a second listen hit me. Very awesome. Brooding, unique guitar tones, and excellent drums. Definitely know how to climax. They don't aim to be doing anything extraordinary, which just convinces me more about this songs majesty. Its simple and effective. Heavily influenced from.

2. Fennesz - Endless Summer
Magic. Utter magic. I dunno, it just speaks out, has no regard to how its doing it. Just shows even ugly noises can be amazing at times. Warm, fuzzy and clear when it needs to be.

1. Helios - Bless This Morning Year
(No comment. Just listen)

[DISCLAIMER: I did not tell her to listen to our songs. Seriously]
Carrie Underwood - Cowboy Casanova - because its cheesy slutty and country.

Snakes & Snakes by Bell X1

Alphabet Soup by Bell X1 -  both of these are cheerful loud happy songs. recharge me after a tiring day

Hum Buton Ko Jo Pyar Karte Hain by NFAK

Dillagi by NFAK

Tum Ek Gorakhdanda Ho by - NFAK-love-phase.  Qawwalis have my heart these days, and these are all long, majestic ones

No One Knows by Queens of the Stone Age - dum dum dum dum - love the beat. and the quirky lyrics

Make it Wit Chu by Queens of the Stone Age - ^ same reason.

White Noise by Mogwai - only song i've picked up properly from the new album and i've over-listened to the old ones. i like the 'crowded but lonely' feel.

Iktara by Wake Up Sid - its...i like the rough indian woman vocals. the song is boring overall, but its beginning catches me every time

260 by 6LA8 - this is just epic. the whole thing is so..uff. i still can't understand why i didn't get the awesomeness when you first sent it

Pretty by 6LA8 - hehe

Celeplode by 6LA8 - I am going to write a short story on this. I like it cos its funky and plunky and computery

Friday I'm In Love by The Cure - again, a cheerful song, and they're nice to listen to after a long tiring day. its why i have Bell X1 too

[replacing a few tracks in the playlist cause of the unavailability]

Boris - Pardon 
I imagine i am walking on water and i can watch my past deep inside the water..this track functions as a drug for me 

July Skies - Countryside of 1939 
Reminds me of childhood memories.

Brian Eno - Always Returning 
Floating in space..constellations ahh DRUG.

Grouper - Heavy water/i'd rather be sleeping 
Its just so soothing. Takes you to some other world seriously. Try it yourself (;

Explosions in the sky - Last known surroundings 
Reminds me of good old times.

Aidan Baker - Undine [REPLACED BY CHAINSAW] 
Sweet drug.

Godspeed you! Black Emperor - Motherfucker=Redeemer (part one)
Well its GY!BE.

Eluvium - Static Nocturne 

Hammock - The house where we grew up

Jakob - Nice day for an earthquake
I just love the feel of this track.

Hammock - Birds flying in sequence 
Makes me feel happy 

Neurosis - Crawl Back In
Makes me think.

Mouth of the architect - Sleepwalk Powder [REPLACED BY QUIETLY]
Reminds me of death.

TwinSisterMoon - To the Green Pastures (of the Land of the Dead)

North sea and Rameses iii - Nigh blossoms written in sanskrit
[not available on youtube, he can send you the track if interested]
round the world in 18:02 mins

A very very rough and hurried list because I have to finish a research paper due tomorrow but couldn't fight the urge of doing this.

In no particular order;

1. The Isle of Summer - Agalloch
When you're in the how-far-the-world-has-come mood.

2. Tomorrow Will Never Come - Agalloch
When you're in the omg-will-the-world-ever-change mood.

3. Hoppipola - Sigur Ros
My funeral song.

4. Something Like Nostalgia - The Abbasi Brothers

5. I Can Almost See You - Hammock
Not the most sophisticated extraordinary one, but a simple song I'm attached to because it was all I listened to in mourning of the death of my two favorite cats.

6. Govinda - Kula Shaker
If you don't do drugs but want to know what being high is like.

7. Mori Arj Suno - Ustad Nafis Khan
My fave Faiz Ahmed Faiz cover. Prefer it to the Coke Studio version.

8. Backlit - Isis

9. Hey You - Pink Floyd

10. The Wizard - Uriah Heep
Cuz the 70s were legendary.

11. The Rest Will Flow - Porcupine Tree

12. Lazarus - Porcupine Tree

Stupid research paper. Bai now.


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  2. @ Dee.Dee : Your list is on the blog post now. I haven't heard many of these bands in such a long time, it's awesome to hear them again. Hey You is chilling, the whole album chills me. ...
    Theres just too much to talk about music. And thats exactly like the urge I had.

  3. @Omer: Pardon is friggin awesome. Mesmerizing.

  4. I like!
    Happy to see Hoppipolla on the list.