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Thursday, March 3, 2011

New album - The Moderate Picture

So our new not-so-much anticipated album is released!

[Click the album cover to download]

Genre: Experimental
Time: 67 min. approx


Tahir Saeed Jan for his contribution in 'Saturation Point'. 
Middle Ground for posting the anonymouse comment used in '260'.
Shumaila Hashmi for her unflinching support  for our music.
Jazib Khan Ghory, Asadullah Qureshi, Usman Khan and Taha Badar for bearing two strange minded musicians.


It can be listened in the music tab as well.

We've named it 'The Moderate Picture'. I guess it would be interesting to talk about why we did it.

So on a philosophical level you have 'extremists', you have 'liberals' and then you have the 'moderates' in between. There is an unclear distinction on what is extreme, what is liberal and what is the middle course. Its unclear in debate of course, but on an individual level you will find only a few folks who might not have a clear sense of judgement between the three, even if its apprehensive.

It is never easy to ground these distinctions in concrete, simply because of the numerous variables involved in judgement. If distinctions are specified clearly there is no doubt it would not be to everyones liking. So a set of negotiatory rules are written down. That zone of negotiation is a wide spectrum that is termed as 'moderate'.

However, you can almost never find any individual not claiming his/her own principles are moderate. Even if it is stated, it is never believed by him/her. Simply put, an extremist or a liberal have something in common; they both believe their perceptions are moderate for the whole society, and can be applicable throughout and it would be for the better undoubtedly.

The Moderate Picture is a canvas on which everyone has drawn his own perception of it. According to their moderation. Which will appease everyone.

It is an impractical aim. However, what if all the different perceptions have an underlying similarity? It could be a feeling of righteousness, a higher sense of duty, a humanitarian desire for the likeminded, an assumption of uniform understanding...a mix of contradictions that somehow point to a common objective.

Of course, this is being very hippie of us. We know that. But we aren't scientists, we are artists. We want to present a canvas.And so the songs of this album are the canvas, and what you might think of the album will be your contribution to it.

This won't present an answer. Or take a side. But we aren't interested in doing so. After all, abstractionism is an art too.

Please, listen to it and share your thoughts about it. Even the listeners should have a chance to express.


  1. It may be just me, but somehow you guys just don't 'hit it'. You come near, you have the creativity, but something goes amiss. Perhaps you end up focusing on quantity? I don't know, I do enjoy post-rock and electronic music in general, so I WANT to like your stuff given you're a local band, but something goes wrong. I haven't even gone entirely through your previous three volumes(!) but nothing seems to blow me away.

    Maybe its the production? It seems a little rough.

    Or maybe you guys are just avant-garde or something, 'cause I sure don't get THAT.

  2. Actually I would have to make corrections here. We don't even get what we make ourselves. I should've labelled this 'Experimental' rather than 'Post Rock'


    You are right otherwise. We'll keep trying to hit it though. Maybe we will. Thanks :)

  3. I don't get it. What does he want you to hit? :S

  4. I believe he doesn't find our songs as enjoyable as most post-rock/electronic music he's liked. He doesn't feel the impact from our music.

  5. I think you hit it.
    And the video is kickass. The videos are always kickass.

  6. Thanks Rija. So the count goes 2 hits and one miss :D

    The video was selected solely 'cause of the molester-friendly main character. And the dancing scarecrow's a plus.

  7. For what its worth, I'm checking out Bigotry right now and liking it more.